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ABC7: FBI widens net in Leland Yee corruption probe

posted by Randall

Leland YeeThe FBI is interviewing members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as it widens the net in its corruption probe of State Senator Leland Yee.

ABC7 reports that the interviews are considered routine, but more charges and arrests could be announced in the near future.

Some in City Hall questioned why the interviews, which … Read more

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Star Advertiser: Gov Abercrombie apologizes for questioning Inouye’s death bed wish

posted by Randall

Inouye clintonThe Star Advertiser reports that Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie has apologized for questioning the legitimacy of a letter said to be written by Senator Daniel Inouye 30 minutes before his death.

The letter to the Governor from Inouye requested  that Abercrombie appoint Colleen Hanabusa to replace him.

Abercrombie, who instead chose his Lt Governor Brian … Read more

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Manny Pacquiao leads cheers of rise up Tacloban (new photos)

posted by Randall

Filipinos pack Tacloban City Astrodome for Pacquiao-Bradley2Photo and text by Ariel Neidermeier

To say that the Philippines loves Manny Pacquiao is an understatement. On Sunday, the professional boxer was raucously celebrated here in Tacloban City when he defeated Timothy Bradley, reclaiming the WBO welterweight title and cementing his comeback as a boxing icon.

I spent the night in downtown Tacloban on … Read more

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Washington Post: Gov. Abercrombie questions authenticity of Sen Inouye’s dying wish

posted by Randall

InouyeHawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie is questioning the authenticity of a letter from Daniel Inouye said to be the Senator’s dying wish, reports the Washington Post.

The letter believed to be written a half hour before the Senator died requested that Colleen Hanabusa succeed him.

The Governor ignored that request and instead appointed his Lieutenant governor … Read more

Community Issues

Long Island Press: NYPD shuts down spy unit targeting Muslim Americans

posted by Randall

NYPD A surveillance team set up to spy on Muslim Americans has been shut down by the NYPD, reports the Long Island Press (photo by ADL999).

Known as the Domestic Unit, it was widely criticized by civil libertarians for overreaching, spying on Muslim Americans in mosques, schools, and even markets.

“They were spying on students … Read more

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Wall Street Journal: Journey frontman says cha-ching for Typhoon Haiyan relief

posted by Randall

Arnel Pineda in Cha ChingJourney lead singer Arnel Pineda is lending his voice to a new animated music video to raise funds for Typhoon Haiyan relief, reports the Wall Street Journal.

An animated version of Pineda sings a duet with Anna Jomeo from the Philippine band Mulatto.

“We all need to be reminded of our social obligation to … Read more

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Aerogram: Pulitzer for poetry awarded to Asian American for first time

posted by Randall

Vijay Seshadri Vijay Seshadri has become the first Asian American ever to win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, reports Aerogram.

His book 3 Sections was hailed by the Pulitzer Committee as “a compelling collection of poems that examine human consciousness, from birth to dementia, in a voice that is by turns witty and grave, compassionate and … Read more


XO Jane: Discussing White privilege can be a difficult conversation

posted by Randall

Kristina WongKristina Wong puts it bluntly.

“Broaching the topic of “White Privilege” is not synonymous with “All white people are evil and, I hate them all.”’ she wrote in her blog for XO Jane.

The comedian jokes that discussions about race and privilege can clear out a room pretty quickly of whites. Her statement is … Read more


Inside Counsel: Can Asian American lawyers break through bamboo ceiling?

posted by Randall

lawyersAsian Americans make up 10.5 percent of all associates in law firms, but just 2.7 percent of all partners (photo by JaxStrong).

 Inside Counsel reports the gap is referred to by many as the bamboo ceiling.

The percentages among Asian Americans making it to partner were lower than that of both African American and … Read more

Community Issues

CBC News: Stem cell donor found for leukemia patient

posted by Randall

Moneet MannA donor has been found for a South Asian woman from Canada in need of a life-saving stem cell transplant, reports CBC.

Leukemia patient Moneet Mann took to social media with a clever “will you marrow me” campaign.

She urged members of the South Asian community to sign up for the marrow registry, especially important … Read more

AsAmNews Exclusive: Helping Hand for the Philippines

Shipwrecked vessels line coast of Tacloban

April 11, 2014

Shipwrecked vessels line coast of Tacloban

Text & Photos by Ariel Neidermeier In two coastal villages in Tacloban City, residents wake up every day to constant reminders of the death and destruction wrought by Super Typhoon Haiyan.

In Barangays 69 and 70, seven ships lay on land, stuck in the middle of once-thriving communities after having been swept ashore by surges during the storm.

It’s unsettling to see huge cargo ships lying in the middle of villages; in fact it’s outlandish.

read more

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Living with Cancer

Warrior in Pink shares rollercoaster journey with breast cancer

April 8, 2014

Vivian Mabuni

Having to go back and recall the harder parts of the cancer journey was emotionally taxing.

I wrote with tears streaming down my face as I remembered some of the hard times and even some of the tender times I shared with my husband and family.

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