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Avril Lavigne’s cultural appropriation of Hello Kitty widely condemned

posted by Randall

Avril Lavigne Hello KittyIt didn’t take long for bloggers to react to Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty.

Despite its title, you won’t find the cute, cuddly and fluffy character gracing this video, although I’m sure there are a few perverts lurking out there who fantasized about that.

Instead you’ll find four largely emotionless, do I dare say inscrutable Japanese … Read more


Bringing diverse coverage into the heartland

posted by Randall
Bobby Calvan
(Note from the editor: Minorities have long advocated for more coverage of their communities. The Heartland Project is an attempt to bring that coverage to the heartland. Bobby Calvan, lead reporter of the project, agreed to answer a few questions via email)


What is the Heartland project?


The Heartland Project is a bold … Read more


Temple University dismisses racial incident on campus

posted by Randall

Temple University Asian Students AssociationThe Temple University Asian Students Association is expressing disappointment at what it considered the administration’s “dismissive” response to a racial incident on campus.

The group is organizing a field trip to the Pan Asian American Community House. On the group’s online registration form, someone registered as “Ching Chong” with the email

When it informed … Read more



NPR: Evidence professors discriminate in deciding who to mentor

posted by Randall

College CampusI have been heavily involved in promoting mentoring, so this one hit home.

NPR reports researchers from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania sent identical letters from students to 6500 college professors.

The letters complimented the professors on their work and requested to meet.

The only difference in the letters were the names … Read more


The impact of the anti-affirmative action ruling by Supreme Court on Asian Americans

posted by Randall

US Supreme CourtThe US Supreme Court today upheld Michigan’s ban on affirmative action which forbids racial preferences in state university admissions.

Despite all the talk that Asian Americans play a major role in the anti-affirmative action movement, not one of the four opinions in the case even mentioned Asian Americans, according to a blog by Ilya Somin … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

7’5″ Asian American declares for NBA draft

posted by Randall

Sim BhullarThe next Yao Ming or Manut Bol may be coming to the NBA.

8 Asians reports a 7’5″ Indian Canadian from New Mexico State has decided to enter the NBA draft.

Sim Bhullar is a sophomore and could be the first Indian American to make the NBA.

It was just a few weeks ago that … Read more

Chinese American

Jet Li accused of embezzling charity funds. Strong denial

posted by Randall

Jet LiAction star Jet Li is strongly denying a report that he along with members of  his foundation embezzled money for funds earmarked for the victims of the 2013 Lushan earthquake in Sichuan province.

According to the  Want China Times, Li is accused in a report on the microblog M4 of misappropriating $48 million in donations.… Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Michelle Obama needles Miss America about getting kid suspended

posted by Randall

Nina Davulari Show some PersonalitySeems like everyone is talking about how a high school student got suspended after asking Miss America Nina Davuluri out on a date.

Even first lady Michelle Obama is talking about it, reports the Financial Express.

If you haven’t heard, Davuluri spoke at a high school in York, PA. School administrators got wind that … Read more

Indian American/ South Asian American

New American Media: Awkward situation for Muslim American Women

posted by Randall

hand shakeA post from Arab American News published by New American Media offers some insights into the cultural conflicts faced by Muslim Americans (photo by Zach Taylor).

Anyone who’s ever been in a situation where you’ve been part of a minority culture might be able to relate.

Shaking hands with the opposite sex is not … Read more


Andy Suzuki & The Method defy convention of music or race

April 21, 2014

Andy Suzuki and the Methods

Composed of half-Japanese, half-Jewish singer Andy Suzuki, half-Korean and half Jewish violinist Jason Gorelick and African American percussionist Kozza Babumba, this indie-pop-folk-rock band has carved out its own niche in the music industry, and is doing very well.

read more

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Asians in Film

Amazing Race winner wrestles 100 Mongolians

April 17, 2014

Kenny Meehan

Tyler had just won Season 9 of The Amazing Race and he wanted use some of his resources to make a film that would give back to the world and promote cross cultural interaction.

I couldn’t say no.

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