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Amazing Race winner wrestles 100 Mongolians

posted by Randall

Wrestling MongoliaBy Priyal Patel

With today’s online media platforms, independent artists and filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase their work to audiences around the world. Newly released on iTunes, Wrestling Mongolia, a film about two friends who find themselves wrestling 100 Mongolians for their TV show, proves to be a fun, heartwarming, albeit unusual, family … Read more

Chinese American

ABC7: Chinese American leaders fear Leland Yee indictment will lead to more stereotyping

posted by Randall

San Francisco ChinatownChinese American leaders in San Francisco’s Chinatown today cautioned the public against stereotyping their community, following the arrest of State Senator Leland Yee(Photo by jakubkadlec).

“The level of virulence that we’ve been seeing around the public response I think is very troubling,” said Malcom Yeung, with the Asian and Pacific Islander Counsel, said to … Read more

Chinese American

Telegraph: Babies learn racial bias

posted by Randall

Baby A study of babies interacting with each other found babies can show racial bias, reports the Telegraph.

The research by the University of Washington, Seattle revealed babies will choose a playmate who shares toys equally regardless of race.

But on the other hand, when a baby distributes toys unfairly in a manner that benefits … Read more


The Exponent: Purdue inches closer to building Asian Cultural Center

posted by Randall

PurdueDespite wide spread support for an Asian Cultural Center at Purdue,  progress continues to be marked in inches instead of miles(Photo by Lina de Martinez).

The Exponent reports the campus is working toward establishing a temporary space.

“Though it is not operational yet, this is a big step in that the University is recognizing … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

KPop Starz: 7 Korean American Leading Men

posted by Randall

Ken Jeong The article in KPop Starz   featured 7 Asian American leading men in Hollywood.

But when I went down the list, none of them were really leading men.

It’s not that they wouldn’t make good leading me. All of them have played in supportive roles.

That’s the sad part. Hollywood doesn’t think these men could attract … Read more


Daily Sundial: Race still matters for students

posted by Randall

Cal State Northridge Lost in the debate over SCA5 and the aborted attempt to reinstate race in admissions at public universities in California are the viewpoints of students (Photo by Peter & Joyce Grace).

Much of the attention has focused on the University of California, especially Berkeley and UCLA, the two most prestigious public universities in California … Read more

Japanese American

Huff Post: The incarceration camps through the lens of Ansel Adams

posted by Randall

ManzanarOne of the greatest American photographers of all time was one of three people known to have documented life in the incarceration camps through pictures (photo by Ansel Adams, Library of Congress).

Ansel Adams was invited by Manzanar Camp Director Ralph Merritt to photograph life at the camp. He’s the only photographer to have taken … Read more


Seattle Times: A white woman’s view of discrimination against her Muslim American husband

posted by Randall

Krista Bremer Krista Bremer is getting a close up view of discrimination against Muslim Americans most whites don’t get to see.

Bremer is married to a Libyan Muslim, Ismail, who she describes as “instantly identified as foreign by his accent, skin color, faith, even his gestures and communication style.”

In a guest post published by the Seattle Read more

Community Issues

KoreAm: Things get physical as tensions erupt at Queens McDonald’s

posted by Randall

McDonaldsTensions between elderly Korean Americans and a McDonald’s in Queen’s erupted into a physical altercation, according to a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed in New York.

KoreAm reports the lawsuit alleges a manager identified as only Lucy hit a Korean American man with a broom after he complained about the service.

The customer who is only … Read more


Los Angeles Times: Are Asian Americans turning to the right?

posted by Randall

UCLA The recent backlash from members of the Chinese American community in California against efforts to bring back racial preferences to college admissions is giving renewed hope to the conservative movement and the Republican party.

A guest blog by Lanhee Chen in the Los Angeles Times offers a glimpse into that thinking.

Chen is the former … Read more

Our View

Hate crime murders outside Jewish centers reaffirm importance of building coalitions

April 15, 2014

cross hair

I didn’t hear about it from traditional news outlets.

I heard it from stunned individuals in the Muslim American community expressing their sympathy and condolences to the victims, their families, their churches and their synagogues.

read more

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AsAmNews Exclusive: Helping Hand for the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao leads cheers of rise up Tacloban (new photos)

April 15, 2014

Ariel Neidermeier joins All Hands volunteers for Pacquiao-Bradley2

Every time Pacquiao jabbed Bradley or dodged his attacks, the stadium erupted in raucous Crowds packed Tacloban City Astrodome for the Pacquiao-Bradley fightcheers.

Shots of Bradley taunting Pacquiao were met with laughter.

The Filipinos watching seemed to have utter faith in their champion.

When Pacquiao was declared the winner in a 12-round decision, the erupting cheers were deafening.

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