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Conversation: @MargaretCho Condemned for Outing Hollywood Star

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Comedian and bi-sexual Margaret Cho current tour “Mother” is of course, about her mother. Cho’s mom has long been fodder for her comedy routine.

But according to the blog, The Conversation, Cho also spends a lot of time on the show on the sexuality of John Travolta.

Wrote Lauren Rosewarne:  “She (Cho) belabored how oh so flaming queer Travolta was. About how everybody in Tinseltown knows just how poofy Danny Zuko is. Of how she had to break the news of his supreme gayness to a naive Olivia Newton John.”

There of course is no confirmation that Travolta who is married to actress Kelly Preston is bisexual. But Rosewarne calls out Cho for shaming people for not coming out “loud and proud.” The way Rosewarne sees it, its Travolta’s choice to come out and no one elses.

At a time when NBA Center Jason Collins just became the first NBA player to publicly declare he’s gay, Rosewarne’s blog is timely. Would it had been right for someone else to have outed Collins? Does Cho get a pass because she herself is bisexual the way she gets a pass for mocking her mother’s accent because she’s Asian American?

Read Rosewarne’s blog in The Conversation, and let AsAmNews know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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  • @ceohunty via twitter on @margaretcho outing John Travolta: "no I don't agree. It's not okay to out anyone. You have no idea why they're still in the closet. #margaretcho"

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  • from @NativeSonkyKY via Twitter re: Margaret Cho & Travolta: Travolta was in the closet? After the kissing pic and the lawsuits? He just has no balls! #S4Equality #GSANetwork

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