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Time: Protestors in San Francisco Demonstrate Against “Kill Everone in China” comment on @JimmyKimmelLive

posted by Randall

Kimmel ProtestAsian American demonstrators today marched through the streets of San Francisco protesting a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, reports Time

They wrapped up their rally in front of the ABC owned station in San Francisco.

About 100 people chanted “Boycott ABC” and “Fire Jimmy Kimmel.”

The protest took place despite an apology by ABC this weekend and a promise from the network that the offensive scene would be edited out of any future airings of the program.

In the show broadcast October 16, a child participating in a round table discussion was asked what the US should do about its huge debt to China. The kid responded “kill everyone in China.”

The demonstrators are upset producers of Jimmy Kimmel Live allowed the comment to air.

“We have a sense of humor,” the march’s leader Carl Chan said in a speech. “But not at the expense of killing all Chinese.”

You can read more about the protest in Time.




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