Friday 27th February 2015,

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CBS: New Survivor Cagayan cast includes Asian Am Martial Arts Instructor

posted by Ariel Neidermeier

Yung Woo HwangThe new cast of Survivor: Cagayan includes Asian American Martial Arts instructor, Yung “Woo” Hwang, from Newport, Calif.

In his bio featured on CBS, when asked what three items he would take with him on the island, he notes that one of them would be a martial arts weapon such as a nanchaku, bo staff or katana. “Practicing weapons makes me feel alive!” he said.

According to the site, Bigwowo, he is Korean American.

This season, the 18 contestants will be divided into three tribes: brawn, brains and beauty. Hwang will be a member of the Brawn Tribe.

To watch Hwang compete in Survivor: Cagayan, tune in to the two hour premiere on Feb. 26 at 8pm on CBS.

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