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Pacific Standard: Debunking half-baked notions of cultural superiority

posted by Randall

studying Arguments that Asian Americans excel academically because of their cultural superiority are based on superficial arguments that fail to delve deeper into the issue, according to a blog in
Pacific Standard by Bettina Chang.

Efforts by Amy Chua and her husband Jed Rubenfeld to associate academic achievement with race “focus on traits, behaviors, and values … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Complex: Why Bruce Lee still matters

posted by Randall

Bruce LeeMore than 40 years after his death, Bruce Lee still matters.

Complex reports a new video game based on the martial arts legend was released this week on EA Sports UFC as a preorder bonus, or for those who beat the game on Professional Difficulty, as an unlockable.

As buff as he was, Bruce Lee … Read more


A Deeper Story: Kathy Khang Foreign Forever and Tired of It

posted by Randall

Chicago Police Beating Kathy Khang has heard it too many times before.

The regional director of multiethnic ministries of a national Christian student organization has been told too many times in so many words that she is not American.

She happens to be Asian American, but apparently that doesn’t count as American to many people.

So when Kathy … Read more

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Buzz Feed: Asian American men are just hot

posted by Randall

Asian American couplesA user on Buzz Feed recently posted her list of 17 reasons why Asian men make great boyfriends (photo by Prayitno).

I won’t repeat any of them here, but have instead listed some of the things I hear from women about what makes them attracted to Asian American men.

Asian American men are sensitive.… Read more


Wrap: TMZ steps in it with racist comment about Asian drivers

posted by Randall

Joe SlaughterTMZ is under fire for racist comments it made about Asian drivers, reports the Wrap.

It seemed the more they talked about it, the deeper they stepped in it.

The Media Action Network for Asian Americans has demanded an apology.

Step Up 3D actor Joe Slaughter was asked about Korea creating larger parking stalls.… Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Policy Mic: Hey Hollywood, to know Asian Americans is to understand them

posted by Randall

How I Met Your MotherSome things people just don’t get and to Tiffany Lew, Hollywood doesn’t get Asian Americans.

In her blog for Policy Mic she laments how Hollywood considers the yellow face episode on How I Met Your Mother a homage to kung fu movies, how movies such as 21 white wash stories about Asian Americans, and how … Read more


Patheos: Not all Asian Americans are Bruce Lee

posted by Randall

Bruce LeeOne of the most well known and revered members of the Asian American community is Bruce Lee.

He is a hero to many Asian Americans who frankly are starved for positive images.

However, can Bruce Lee be too much of a good thing?

Justin KH Tse writes in Patheos that its difficult for Asian Americans … Read more


Temple University dismisses racial incident on campus

posted by Randall

Temple University Asian Students AssociationThe Temple University Asian Students Association is expressing disappointment at what it considered the administration’s “dismissive” response to a racial incident on campus.

The group is organizing a field trip to the Pan Asian American Community House. On the group’s online registration form, someone registered as “Ching Chong” with the email

When it informed … Read more

Chinese American

ABC7: Chinese American leaders fear Leland Yee indictment will lead to more stereotyping

posted by Randall

San Francisco ChinatownChinese American leaders in San Francisco’s Chinatown today cautioned the public against stereotyping their community, following the arrest of State Senator Leland Yee(Photo by jakubkadlec).

“The level of virulence that we’ve been seeing around the public response I think is very troubling,” said Malcom Yeung, with the Asian and Pacific Islander Counsel, said to … Read more


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