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Asian Americans

Todo Texas: Tinder is no Match for Asian Guys Looking for a Date

posted by Randall

Asian GuyThe  matchmaking mobile app Tinder apparently isn’t making finding dates for Asian guys any easier than and other dating services.

Tinder matches people up based on mutual friends, interest and geographical location. If both users indicate they like each other, Tinder makes the introduction.

The blog Todo Texas quoted an Asian guy in Austin … Read more


Muslim Americans Students Look Back at Growing up After 9-11

posted by Randall

Muslim American HijabReema Ghabra was just in kindergarten when 9-11 happened (file photo)

Omar Dawood was 7-years old.

Nahla Aboutabl was also just in first grade.

The three shared their experience growing up in the United States in the aftermath of September 11 with The Breeze and The Daily Illini.

Nahla remembers watching the horrific pictures … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

The Gloss: Supermodel Liu Wen Opens Up About Breaking Racial Barriers

posted by Randall

Liu Wen  Liu Wen opened up eyes when she became the first ever Asian spokesmodel for Estee Lauder (photo from Facebook).

A piece in The Gloss by Haley Hoover called Wen “an important figure for Asian-American girls” who’s “been breaking down race barriers for models.”

Wen recently opened up about her experience in an essay she … Read more


Voice of America: Chinese Americans Still Treated Like Foreigners in Own Home

posted by Randall

Golden Spike Ceremony, Transcontinental Railroad, May 10, 1869, Promontory Point, UTIn 1870 there were 63,000 Chinese living in the United States. Many had come to mine for gold or as recruits to work on the Transcontinental Railroad.

Today there are 3.6 million Chinese Americans living in the United States.

Yet the Voice of America reports, Chinese Americans are still perceived as foreigners in their own … Read more

Asian Americans

Voice of America: Lumping Chinese Americans as ‘Asian’ is Problematic

posted by Theodore Tae

Asian American Heritage FestivalThe U.S. public’s tendency to lump Chinese Americans with Asian Americans at large is problematic as it has made Americans ignorant of hardships faced by some Asian American communities, according to a report by Voice of America.

Although Chinese Americans are the largest ethnic minority group with Asian roots in the U.S., they are … Read more

Asian Americans

Will 2014-2015 Make or Break Ethnically Diverse Television?

posted by Randall

Fresh Off the Boat ABC is going where no mainstream television network has gone before this coming television season.

It will feature a number of comedies with ethnically diverse casts. This is something communities of color have been yearning for for years. Television is largely one in which shows are dropped faster than a penny from the Leaning Tower … Read more


Daily Emerald: A Different Form of Racism on College Campuses

posted by Randall

I am Too OSU CampaignWords are powerful and if used with ignorance, words can also be hurtful.

That’s what’s behind a campaign at Oregon State University called I Too Am, OSU, reports the Daily Emerald.

What happened to many of the students in this campaign happens at campuses and communities all across the country.

Asian Americans are … Read more

Asian Americans

CNN: Why Everyone Needs an Asian American Superhero

posted by Randall

Superheroes of India An Indian digital artist on Facebook is getting some attention with his redesign of comic superheroes with a South Asian flair, reports IBN Live.

Raj Kamal has set up the Facebook page, Superheroes in India.

For Kamal this is a lot more than an exercise in creativity. That’s certainly something Jeff Yang can … Read more

Asian Americans

Huffington Post: Asians Are Not White

posted by Randall

Board RoomAsAmNews ran a story earlier this week that minorities and women who push for diversity are penalized in the workforce in the form of lower job performance reviews. Yet, researchers at the University of Colorado concluded its the exact opposite for white males who are rewarded for advocating for diversity.

The article hardly caused a … Read more


Rutland Herald: Japanese American sues for racial retaliation

posted by Randall

Scales of justice A Japanese American faculty member is suing Goddard College in Vermont for discrimination and retaliation, reports the Rutland Herald.

Judy Hiramoto, of San Francisco is seeking $100,000 plus in damages.She taught in the interdisciplinary art program from 2003 to 2011. Hiramoto says her evaluations turned negative in 2006 after she reported racist remarks made … Read more


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