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Bad Ass Asians

Fresh Off the Boat’s Randall Park & Constance Wu Get It

posted by Randall

Fresh Off the Boat with Randall Park and Constance Wu

One of the reasons Fresh Off the Boat is the number one watched show among Asian Americans is that the actors and the people behind the scenes understand the significance of their program to the Asian American community.

Not only is it the first show to feature an Asian American family in 20 years, the … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Jeff Yang Sits Down with Ken Jeong

posted by Randall

Ken Jeong

Dr. Ken on ABC has been almost universally panned by critics, but at least so far, adored by fans.

Ratings for its premiere on Friday ranked Dr. Ken the number one scripted program of the evening.

Jeff Yang sat down with Jeong in an interview for Slate and the two talked about the pressure of … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Jeremy Lin Stopped by Security Guard

posted by Randall

Jeremy LinIt was a repeat of what happened when Jeremy Lin first joined the New York Knicks. A security guard at the arena where the Charlotte Hornets play had to be convinced Lin was really an NBA basketball player.

Lin as usual reacted with good nature about the incident with his new team, tweeting about it … Read more


Phys.Org: Asian Men, Black Women Ignored by Magazines

posted by Randall

invisibleA study by researchers at William & Mary have found images of Asian women outnumber Asian men by 4-1, reports

The same study found the depiction of Black men outnumbered Black women 3-2.

The authors suspect Asian men and Black women are underrepresented due to stereotypes connecting Asians with femininity and Blacks with … Read more

Asian Americans

Pacific Standard: Big Bird Can’t End Racism Alone

posted by Randall

Ni HaoA new study has founds shows like Sesame Street with messages of diversity and acceptance have minimal impact on countering racial and ethnic prejudice in young children three to six years old, reports Pacific Standard.

“Despite our vigorous attempts to unearth associations between children’s racial attitudes and their exposure to these types of programs, there … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Pink News: Gay Comic Struggles to Overcome Invisibility in the Indian American Community

posted by Randall

Nik Dodani

Indian American comic Nik Dodani hopes to makes members of the LGBT Indian American community more visible.

A recent stand up bit he did on homophobia in the Indian American community and stereotypes facing desis in general has been well received on social media.

“I think that invisibility fuels the homophobia and keeps the homophobia … Read more

Asian Americans

A Cold Dose of Reality for Asian Americans

posted by Randall


Sometimes Asian American need a friendly slap in the face.

Writer Beverly Murray who was born and raised in Singapore and moved to the U.S. when she was 16 thinks this may be one of those times.

Asian Americans don’t see a lot of themselves represented on the big movie screen unless we’re prostitutes, nerds … Read more

Asian Americans

Big, Red & Shiny: Museum Drops Kimono Promotion after Protest

posted by Randall

Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Publicity stunt backfires
A publicity stunt meant to draw in crowds to a Claude Monet exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has backfired amidst charges of cultural appropriation, reports Big, Red & Shiny.
The MFA offered visitors an opportunity to wear a replica of a kimono worn by Monet’s wife in a … Read more

Asian Americans

Independent: Study Finds Human Brain May be Racist

posted by Randall

languageA new study by the University of British Columbia has found the ability for the human brain to understand someone may be hampered by racial stereotypes, reports the Independent.

Study participants were asked to transcribe audio of a speech played over static noise. Half the speakers were identified as White, the other half Chinese. … Read more

Asian Americans

AAJA Urges Caution in Use of Offensive Caricature in Covering NY Prison break

posted by Len Patel

prison break suspsectsOn June 6, when two convicted murderers escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y., they left a note with a racially offensive caricature on a pipe they used to flee. The image on yellow paper was of a face with slit eyes, coolie hat and buck teeth. Underneath this cartoon were the words, … Read more


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