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Technique: Students fight Asian American stereotypes with I am Not campaign

posted by Randall

Asian American Students Association Georgia Tech“I am not good at math,” read a sign held up by an Asian American student.

Seems like a strange thing to put on a sign. But it’s actually very effective.

Its part of a new “I am not” campaign launched by Asian American students at Georgia Tech, reports the campus publication Technique.

The idea … Read more


Aerogram: What’s with all the naughty girls in Bollywood?

posted by Randall

Bollywood item girlsIs Bollywood objectifying women?

That’s the take of an article in Aerogram which describes “scantily-clad female performers” being added to song and dance numbers with “no narrative tie to the film’s larger story.”

These dancers or actresses are simply known as “item numbers,” which writer Anam Syed compares to “soft porn.”

But when you think … Read more


WSJ:Asian Americans have a different relationship with Mickey Rooney

posted by Randall

Mickey Rooney, Breakfast at TiffanysWhile American mourns the death of legendary actor Mickey Rooney, it’s fair to say many Asian Americans don’t exactly have a warm and fuzzy feeling about him.

For many in the community, its not Rooney’s many roles as both a child and adult actor that will be remembered, its his hideous and stereotypical filled depiction … Read more


Rafu Shimpo: JACL condemns Colbert Report sketch

posted by Randall

Colbert Report The Japanese American Citizens League released a statement this week condemning Stephen Colbert’s “use of racist jokes to make a larger point about bigotry and ignorance,” reports Rafu Shimpo.

In a much publicized episode of the Colbert Report, the comedian and satirist ridiculed Washington’s NFL team owner Dan Snyder for using the much maligned team … Read more


.@OriginalSpin, @ReAppropriate: Air France should ground Orientalism ad campaign

posted by Randall

Air France ad campaignAsian American blogger Jeff Yang has been having a field day on Twitter mocking an Air France ad campaign that uses a white model in yellowface to promote its flights to Asia.

He’s asking his followers to alter the ad to something less offensive to Asian Americans.

Many have taken creative license to make some … Read more


KQED: Does Leland Yee bring sense of shame to Chinese American community?

posted by Randall

San Francisco ChinatownThe arrest of California State Senator Leland Yee has some Chinese Americans wondering if the case reflects poorly on their community (photo by jakubkadlec).

 KQED went to the streets of San Francisco to get a sense of what many in that community are thinking.

“This person who is high profile, in the public eye, … Read more


Aerogram: Alice in Arabia–victory or missed opportunity?

posted by Randall

Farah KhanA blog post by Farah Khan (pictured, photo by Yasmeen Warsi Photography) in Aerogram expressed some disappointment that Alice in Arabia was abruptly cancelled.

The pilot for the ABC Family Channel found itself getting much unwanted publicity from people outraged by the show’s stereotypical premise.

ABC pulled the plug on the pilot after a draft … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Guardian: Progress in eliminating Asian American male stereotypes

posted by Randall

Steve YeunThe Walking Dead’s Glen Rhee isn’t particularly good at math. He doesn’t possess martial arts prowess.  He doesn’t even have ancient Chinese secrets up his sleeve.

You might say Rhee is the antithesis of the Asian American male stereotype.

He is played by Korean American actor Steve Yeun.

An article in the Guardian points to … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

LA Times: @MindyKaling says she’s a proud Asian American

posted by Randall

Mindy KalingMindy Kaling gave her most extensive interview to date about the criticism she’s received about the diversity or lack of it on her program.

Kaling told the Los Angeles Times “The fact is, I am so proud to be an Asian American and part of the Asian America community,” she added. “My connection with that … Read more


Las Vegas nightclub to take down offensive billboard

posted by Randall

The Las Vegas nightclub, Tao, says it will take down a billboard that had been criticized for reducing Asian American women to prostitutes and sex objects.

Christine Lu, started the uproar with this tweet:

Read more

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